Hello folks,

Well, here it is. I suppose you could say that I’m a “wired” journalist now, considering the fact I currently don’t have a web site, cell phone or more than one email address. Still, if Columbia University teaches blogging as a journalistic skill nowadays, I figure I should probably join the crowd and conform a little.

Today in the Toronto Star, a great article on the new Liberal cabinet was published. It includes how the Liberals are going to deal with an appalling $5 billion deficit that those “fiscally responsible” Tories managed to rack up in eight years of governance. I don’t know, sometimes I wonder how governments manage to have such a great group of people surrounding them in advisory roles but the politicians themselves seem to create so many problems.

Anyway, as you’ve probably already guessed (if you’re reading this, which isn’t likely considering it’s my first post and no one knows about it yet), I’m a Liberal and I’m proud to be one. Also, I promise to minimize my jabs at Tories because many of them are friends and colleagues and I’m not one to be an ass for the sake of being an ass.

Okay, just a little tidbit of info before I go: I’ll get around to posting some articles on here soon, as well as being somewhat interesting above writing about Liberals and other stuff that most people don’t care about. I promise this might actually become an interesting blog, no doubt due to the fact I’m seeing Alien: The Director’s Cut next week and I’m reading a fabulous book called The Way The Crow Flies by Ann-Marie MacDonald. Promise to have ideas on this soon.


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