So today marks not only the end of Daylight Savings Time, it also marks my second day of blogging.

Got the 28 Days Later DVD today as a gift. What a gift it is. This was arguably the best movie of the summer, given that no other summer movie (with the notable exception of The Matrix: Reloaded) managed to resonate with the public as much as this one. Director Danny Boyle (the guy who made Trainspotting, The Beach) and writer Alex Garland (the author of The Beach) teamed up again for 28 Days Later, and the results were worth it. It’s really intense and uses DV technology (DV = Digital Video, for those film geeks like me out there) to give some of the fight scenes that much more of an edge. Besides, zombie horror is always a thrill (my brother would agree with me).

Okay, promised a note on The Way The Crow Flies. I was lucky enough to interview Ann-Marie MacDonald back in 1997 when she was still basking in the glow of her award-winning (and Oprah-endorsed) book Fall On Your Knees. TWTCF is much darker than FOYK, and it revolves around a murder mystery of sorts during the height of the Cold War. Ann-Marie is definitely the kind of writer that knows how important history, location and character development is to the broader narrative – she knows her stuff and knows how to tell a good story. Go pick up this book.

Oh, and if you’re in for a good laugh (or dropped jaw, for that matter), go check out Frank Magazine. It’s undergone a major re-design under publisher Fabrice Taylor, and it’s focusing more on the business world this time around. It’s acidic but damn is it funny.

Anyway, gotta go. Check in later.



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