Ah, sweet Tim Hortons coffee. Liquid gold as I’ve heard it referred to (only in a corporate context), it’s good for the soul and damn does it ever motivate you!

Getting my graduate school applications together these days. It’s the kind of project that will likely be done by the end of November – I’m excited about this.

I’m going for a run tonight and then going to listen to The Blues on CBC Radio. I’m just nuts about how good CBC Radio is – I love it and I wish I had listened more back when I was in high school. I listened to After Hours on CBC Radio Two for a few years in high school (jazz is one of those rare musical genres that I impress upon people as more than just music – it’s an historical and political journey) and it was great to listen to when I was in bed and going to sleep. I still listen to it, but JAZZ-FM has a special place with me now. Give it a listen.

Of all the digital technologies I use, the one technology I appreciate more than any other is Canada Post. Why? Because it’s more mysterious and is efficient above all else. There’s something to be said about spending a mere 48 cents on a stamp and mailing something across the country. Sure, it would cost nothing with email, but I’ve found people tend to take much more personal appreciation out of sending a letter than writing an email. That’s just me.

Student Debt 101: how does one cope with a $35,000 debt incurred from their undergraduate degree? I’m lucky to have no debt, but it’s amazing how scary-expensive earning a degree has become. A friend of mine whom I worked with last fall said she’s $35,000 in debt, and that was *after* the government waved a portion of her debt load. Yikes. Think about that: how in the world would someone be able to start their life (i.e. buying a condo or house) if they’re making student loan payments every month? Either make the loans system much more flexible or re-introduce the grants system so middle and lower-class students can afford to earn degrees without turning to a) multiple part-time jobs or b) reduced course loads or c) dropping out completely.

Okay, rant done.


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