Well, it’s official: the provincial government has a $5.6 billion deficit, courtesy of the PC Party of Ontario. Part of me always knew this was coming, but I didn’t imagine it to be this bad. Amazing how provincial politics works.


The federal Liberals injected more money and equipment into Canada’s armed forces today. I’m quite happy about that. I’m not a fan of war by any means, but a well-equipped, nimble military is a good thing for peacekeeping operations, in my humble opinion.

The Toronto Raptors’ season starts tonight – warts and all. Hopefully this year, the Raptors can avoid last year’s problems, which were compounded through the injuries of Vince Carter. No doubt the Raptors are, on paper, a very good team with opportunities to make it through the NBA playoffs, but can coach Kevin O’Neill make the desired impact? I hope so. Toronto’s had a rough ride in the last few years sports-wise (The Blue Jays are only now beginning to show signs of improvement, the Maple Leafs have officially turned into hockey’s version of the Chicago Cubs, the Argos are basically off the rader screen of most sports fans in Toronto) that a winning season – one that makes you feel proud of your team – is required this year. Good luck to them.

Tonight, go for a run and watch some TVO. I know, I’m such a nerd because of it. But at least it’s healthy activity – I’d much rather be a nerd with a point of view than a “normal” person with nothing relevant to say.

Au revoir,


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