Hi gang,

Okay, so yes it has been nearly a week since my last post – lots of life going on.

Today was the long-awaited visit to the Royal Winter Fair at Exhibition Place in downtown Toronto. It’s a collection of farm animals, dog shows, agricultural products and, of course, back bacon on a bun. It’s a form of Canadian life that may be utterly alien to the average urbanite, yet it is a throwback that resonates especially well. There’s something comforting about it, I’m not sure why. Besides, you can’t resist homespun Canadiana once in awhile.

And, I finally saw Finding Nemo tonight. Wow, it truly is a marvel of animation, that’s for sure. Sad (and surprisingly edgy) at times but it has a tremendous sense of fun and has some important life lessons in it (man, I sound like a parent when I talk that way).

Anyway, time to hit the hay (seems appropriate). Go vote tomorrow in the Toronto election!




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