Did a major clean-out of my room yesterday – I can finally find things again!

GRAD SCHOOL: I’m about to send off my g-school applications next week. Just waiting on a few letters until then. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

WORK: Ever had a glorious writing assignment that is long *and* pays well? Well, I got one! Laptop here I come. I’m going to need it for September. I’ve come up with the list of stuff I need in September… new phone (my old one is now in the hazardous waste dump in Unionville), possibly taking my dresser, stereo, laptop, a few amenities, dishes, utensils, et al. I’m travelling light because it’s only a one-year program.

U.S. Thanksgiving: Yesterday was America’s Thanksgiving holiday. Unlike Canadians, the U.S. version of Thanksgiving is a much bigger deal than it is here. The traditional football games involving Detroit and Dallas, the Macy’s Parade in New York City, all the specials on network TV -as you can tell, it’s not like our holiday at all. Mind you, the proverbial icing on the cake happened yesterday with President George W. Bush paying a “surprise” visit to U.S. troops in Iraq.

On that very same topic, go to Salon for an article on General Tommy Franks – the four-star general who coordinated the invasion of Iraq – and his views on what could happen to America if another terrorist attack hit a major urban centre. And we’re not talking airplanes crashing into office towers this time – we’re talking the detonation of a biological, chemical or even nuclear weapon. If that happened, millions would die. And that would bring on talk of suspending (or even eliminating) the U.S. Constitution and imposing Martial Law, which would end democracy in America. Really scary stuff.

On a happier note, choir is tonight. Busy next couple of days. See ya later.



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