Resume update

Hey all,

I just completed a list of my accomplishments from 1994 to 2003 – it’s really scary how much I’ve done.

If I get to go to Halifax or London in September for graduate school, I’m making a firm commitment to working hard and earning the marks I’m capable of doing. I think one of the big mistakes I made while at Queen’s was getting so involved to the point where I lost sight of my academic goals in my first two years of study.

I look at some of this year’s Rhodes Scholar winners and it kills me to know that if I had focused on academia more so in my first three years, I could have the resume and grades to win that coveted award. I know I do. But you can’t go back and feel regrets like that, because those mistakes made me aware of how much I’ve changed and how my life is now. My life is great. But I know I can earn high marks – now that my undergraduate days are behind me, I’m going to focus like a laser beam (tip of the hat to Bill Clinton on that remark) on my marks at school.

But, you can’t take those extracurriculars out of me, so I’m going to join a charitable organization and an intramural athletics group in Halifax or London. Those are things I’m passionate about. I’m certain that going away for grad school will be great, because it will be a chance to not only engage with a positive new environment, but also work hard towards earning that coveted job with either the CBC or BBC. This last year and a half has been great and I’ve accomplished a lot, but those two organizations are my ultimate goals.

UPDATES: My literary journal will go live soon, I promise.

GREAT WEB SITE FOR THE CURIOUS AND INTELLECTUALLY-MINDED: is a fabulous web site for all things to do with your world. If you’re not interested in watching Fox News or another conservative news network, this site has far more reasoned and intelligent debates than any mainstream source.

Alright, gotta go… working on some tech articles.

Hi there,

Okay, it’s been a few days since my last post – life is busy, what can I say.

Grad school applications have been received, which is a welcome relief. Hope this translates into something positive. Keep all your fingers crossed for me.

CHRISTMAS MUSIC: Alright, I know the Christmas season is a time for celebration and family, which is a wonderful thing. However, it’s also a time for the unending, unrelenting use of Christmas music. Don’t get me wrong, I like Christmas Carols. But there is such a thing as overkill, even during the holidays.

For example, two radio stations in Toronto which shall remain nameless are playing Christmas music NON-STOP until the 25th of December. They have been doing this since late November – that is a long time. All I can say is thank God for the CBC, because otherwise I’d be listening only to CDs in the car at times. Again, I don’t hate Christmas music, but please! 24-7 is far too much.

MAPLE LEAFS: I have to take back a few comments I made earlier in this blog about how crappy the Leafs are. They still aren’t the best team in the NHL but a two-game winning streak after that loss to St. Louis last week is pretty sweet. Keep it up boys. By New Year’s you might be in 1st place over-all!

LORD OF THE RINGS: Wednesday is the big day – Return of the King makes its long-awaited debut to the big screen. I’m so excited about this I can hardly wait. It’s been nearly three years of LOTR but when the film comes up, it will be a sweet ending to one of the greatest movie trilogies ever produced. Congrats to Peter Jackson and everyone involved in LOTR – it has been worth it.

Alright, see ya folks! I’ll be more diligent in my posts this week.


Grad school applications are in the mail! It’s done! It’s been quite the project but it has been totally worth it. Now that it is out of my hands, I’m feeling somewhat anxious and worried (of course) that it wasn’t completely perfect, but as I’ve been wisely told, it’s like art – you can’t second guess yourself after it is done. Good point.

Okay, as I said previously, I’m trying to avoid being a fairweather Maple Leafs fan. However, in lieu of their now eight-game winning streak, capped on Saturday with a 5-2 win over the hated Detroit Red Wings, I’m feeling cautiously optimistic. Go Leafs Go!

Alright, that’s all. Longer post shortly.



Happy news: I FINISHED my applications to g-school today. I never realized how long this process would be, but it was completely worth it. Just one more letter of reference and off they go! Whew.

I did a summary of experiences for one of my applications and it was really quite scary how much I’ve done since 1996. I know, that sounds arrogant, but I’ve got one major project left after The Think Centre is completely up and running (should be operational in its totality by the spring) and the literary journal goes live. As Prime Minister. I’ve wanted to enter this contest for a few years now but I’ve delayed it, decided not to, but I stack up quite well for this contest and I’m going to enter for the 2004 contest (once I’m hopefully in grad school).

ALIEN QUADRILOGY: Aside from the perplexing title, the Alien Quadrilogy arrives in a DVD 9-disc box set today. This is really cool news. Fox has been doing a great job promoting the Alien legacy for the last few years on DVD but this package blows all the previous releases of the Alien movies away. I’ve heard some great things about this, but I’ll wait until Alien 5 (which is supposed to go into pre-production in 2004) until I consider this. Alien Vs. Predator comes out in June 2004, which is going to be amazing. I can’t wait! Aliens all around!

Anyway, talk soon!