A-ROD: I’ll say it once and say it again – the New York Yankees have proven that major league baseball is, next to hockey, the most economically unbalanced league in North America. The American League’s 2003 MVP’s trade to the Yankees from the Texas Rangers pretty much assures that it will be yet another battle between the Yanks and the Boston Red Sox for the American League East this season, with the Blue Jays finishing third (again).

NORAH JONES: I picked up Norah Jones’ CD the other day – it’s excellent, although not as fresh at her 2002 release Come Away With Me. This album is happier, smacking of a more upbeat urban vibe. It’s scary how much Jones has accomplished at the age of 24. She’s a huge talent and she’s only going to get bigger. Some people I know dislike her music intensely, mostly because it’s more “smooth jazz” and less of the authentic variety vis-a-vis Miles Davis, et al. I know if I want a truly avant-garde jazz experience, I won’t listen to Jones, true, but she manages to transcend genre and audiences to create a decisively modern sound without pretending to be something she isn’t.

WAITING FOR GRADUATE SCHOOL: One of the toughest things in life is waiting on the unknown. Currently, I’m awaiting the verdict on whether or not I’m heading off for school at Western or King’s. Not easy. Again, keep your fingers crossed for me. I’ll be hearing about Western soon and King’s hopefully by the end of March. You’ll be the first to know if I get in.


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