MP3 players are the wave of the future, that’s for sure. The compact disc is entering its twilight years, for the rapid rise in digital technology has meant that stationary, physical media like the CD will no longer be used in the decades to come. No, we’re only just witnessing the rise of the MP3 (or .AAC or .WAV, for you techno-geeks like me out there) as the means in which for music to be produced and distributed. By 2009, there will likely be few artists out there producing their records exclusively in the CD format, if at all.

SPONSORSHIP SCANDAL: Yesterday, three Crown Corporation heads from VIA Rail, Canada Post and the Business Development Bank of Canada were suspended from duty. Today, there is talk that the Prime Minister wants to go ahead with a federal election this spring, regardless of whether or not we’ve had all the details regarding the scandal out in the open for the public.

I’m not sure if this is a wise strategy. The honeymoon period voters tend to have with new leaders ended about three weeks ago when this sponsorship scandal broke. The Liberals are dropping fast in the polls, which means even if an election was held tomorrow, the Liberals would most likely form a minority government. It might make more sense to wait, given that Canadians do want to know what happened, how it happened and who was directly involved. If Paul Martin can demonstrate that his government truly wants to clean up the ethical mess that this sponsorship scandal has revealed, then voters will respond to that. Otherwise, there’s a good chance voters won’t reward the Liberals on voting day.

BLOGGING: It’s only been in the last year that blogging has erupted into a mainsteam activity for wannabe pundits like myself. Still, it’s given the web a whole new means in which to be relevant to peoples’ lives. Sure, I’m not a blogger from when it was an extremely difficult activity and required vast amounts of technical know-how in order to post your inner thoughts. But it’s a fun hobby and something that shows how the internet is evolving. If you want to start a blog, click here.

MEL GIBSON: The reviews are coming in for The Passion of the Christ and it is decisively mixed. Yet one thing the critics are united on is the fact the film is one of the most violent in recent memory, and after the experience that was Kill Bill last year, that’s really saying something. Mel’s not known for making movies that are tame or gentle (Braveheart, all of the Lethal Weapon series as a few examples), but Mel is even going out into the public arena to advise people not to take anyone under the age of access, given that the film is rated R.

One thing I can assure you on: this film is going to make a lot of money. Christians, movie-goers and the curious-minded are going to see this film in droves around the world, given that it is spoken entirely in Latin, Hebrew and Aramaic – there is not a word of English. Mel’s reputation as a thoughtful filmmaker (in spite of the violence in Braveheart, it was a brilliant film) may be knocked down a few notches after the film’s fallout, but he’ll recover.


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