Here’s this week’s wine tip.

The smell of a glass of wine is essential to appreciating it. You can’t really enjoy wine if you don’t sample the wide variety of flavours in it. There are well over 100 different chemical elements in a glass of wine that reflect many of our favourite “smells.” These smells develop through the fermentation process, which is highly dependent on the environment in which the grapes have been grown in and where (and especially when) the wine was bottled.

This also explains why the year of bottling is essential. If the weather was especially cold that year and not very good for grape growth, then the wine may take longer to ferment or may not be especially flavourful. Moreover, if the bottle of wine is flawed – too much fermentation, which leads to microbacteria which is harmless to humans – it will taste very bad. However, that’s hard to do these days with modern vineyards.

You must swirl the wine around in the glass before taking a sip. The older the wine, the greater diversity of flavours you’ll taste. But take that sniff first before you sip the wine, because otherwise you won’t full appreciate the flavours. Once you smell the wine, take a small sip back and move it around in your mouth. This will create a smell “template” for you to enjoy the rest of the glass and allow you to discover further flavours in it.

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