I know my postings online have been somewhat sporadic as of late; unfortunately, things have been very busy in the non-digital world for me and now I’m back. I can see web users around the world uniting in celebration *cough, cough.*

RED TORIES: John Ibbitson in The Globe and Mail makes a very interesting point today regarding Joe Clark and the Red Tories that are suddenly caught in a no-win situation regarding which party they should support in the upcoming federal election (keep your eyes and ears peeled for the writ being dropped very, very soon – my bet is within the next week or so the Prime Minister will call the election).

Clark, a man I respect for his principles and the fact he’s done a lot for Canada over the years including represent us on the world stage, being a mediator for the constitutional talks in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s and been leader of the Tories twice (my neo-conservative friends seem to forget from time to time that Clark’s been on the scene a lot longer than Stephen Harper and the Reform/Alliance/Conservative Party hasn’t done a thing yet to prove it’s electable), went on CTV’s Question Period on Sunday to sort of put his support behind Paul Martin for the upcoming election.

The federal election is going to be a very interesting race this time. My Liberals aren’t assured of anything now due to the sponsorship scandal and the Conservatives, NDP and Bloc Quebecois have suddenly enjoyed a massive resurgence of popularity. Where these Red Tories end up (and Ibbitson is right when he says that many Red Tories or “progressives” might find a place in the NDP) could be a deciding factor on whether or not the Liberals can form a majority government, or at least form a minority government with the NDP as an ally. Stay tuned.


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