This is a notable moment for me in this web milieu known as blogging – it’s my 100th posting since last October. Blogging is only beginning to become a part of digital life, for it’s considered by some to be very bourgeois and elitist. Some consider it pure, uncontrolled digitial vanity. I just think it’s cool and useful. Journalists dig it, so why not?

CALGARY FLAMES: Canada’s team is now one win away from Stanley Cup glory. Who would have thought the Flames – a team that last won the Cup in the halcyon days of 1989 – could make it this far? But, as we’re preparing for tomorrow’s game in Calgary, here they are, a mostly youngish team (take that, Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment, for trading, signing and spending their way into an abyss of also-rans and past-their-prime veterans) showing Tampa Bay how it’s done in a Stanley Cup final. All I can say is this: well done boys. You’re nearly there.


Being a conservative in Canada is a lot like getting very, very drunk one night and then nursing a major hangover the next day; you can do and say lots of things that normally would get you in trouble with most people, but the next day you get to pay for it with lots of questions about what you meant when you said that abortions should have third-party intervention.

Harper just can’t dodge questions these days over his party’s position on so-called “social issues” like abortion, same-sex marriage or the death penalty. If there’s one thing the Liberals have done right this campaign so far, it’s drive a wedge between the clear choices Canadians have between parties – the Liberals represent tolerance and multiculturalism, the Conservatives not. If Harper plans to move past these issues, he should probably address them firmly without pushing the party to the fringes of Canadian society. If the Conservatives ever hope to make inroads east of the Manitoba-Ontario border, they’re going to have to temper their tendencies towards social conservatism and embrace tolerance, fairness and respect for everyone.


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