Today marked a new sea change in the federal election – the Liberals are, according to campaign co-chairman David Herle, in “…a spiral right now that we have to arrest.”

He’s got good reason to be worried: the Grits are falling fast at the polls, much faster than anyone had originally predicted. So, in an effort to stop the bleeding, the new Liberal attack ads came out Wednesday night.

They state, in no uncertain terms, that Stephen Harper and the Conservatives represent a fundamental threat to Canada as we know it. The ads claim that Harper wants to spend heavily on the military, revoke a woman’s right to choose, and make an unholy alliance with the Bloc Quebecois in order to retain a coalition government.

Indeed, these are scary days for the Liberals. They have to turn it around soon, at least remain neck-in-neck with the Conservatives before the English and French TV leaders’ debates. In any case, this election just continues to get more and more interesting.

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