Sorry about the delay since my last posting; it’s been a very busy week and I’m finally getting a chance to make a posting.

We’re entering the home stretch in this election, a contest that has been fascinating and brutal in an almost Shakespearean-fashion. The reversal of fortune for Paul Martin and the Liberal Party, the near quixotic rise of Jack Layton and the NDP, and the accidential political tourist known as Stephen Harper and the Conservatives. The Green Party, formerly known as a fringe element in Canadian politics, will become the fourth (or fifth in Quebec, given the strength of the Bloc Quebecois) major party upon qualifying for federal funding after this election (and make no mistake: the Greens will win a seat in this election, no doubt).

Now, with the Conservatives in the lead, it’s a battle to the finish for the Liberals to save this election. While Stephen Harper is generally right when he says there’s little chance the Liberals will win a majority government now (although never rule out the “holding-nose” philosophy of voting Grit at the last minute), the Liberals will be hitting up Ontario, Manitoba and B.C. ridings with fierce determination over the next week or so to ensure Liberal “strongholds” will stay Liberal after June 28th.


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