Some of you may have been directed here via this link already, but my next piece has been posted on the CBC’s web site today. You can read it here.

Today marks the final week of campaigning for the parties, heading into the big day next Monday. It’s definitely been quite the election this year. For one, it’s impossible to know what the outcome of Monday’s election will be. Liberal minority or Conservative minority? Will the NDP play a role in the balance of power in Parliament? What of the Bloc Quebecois? Will the Greens make the breakthrough they’ve wanted for years and win a seat in B.C.?

There are so many unanswered questions. Yet one thing is for sure: if the Liberals want to prevent a Conservative government (which is looking very possible now), now is the time to make it happen.

Paul Martin decided to throw down the gauntlet today regarding health care negotiations with the provinces if the Liberals win the election. He’s campaigning like mad in Ontario this week (really, it is a province the Liberals have to win in order to secure government) and making it clear that, in a somewhat unconventional stance for a Liberal, that the federal government will make changes with the provinces over the administration of health care.

Yet this pales in comparison to the exchanges last week over the somewhat-uncertain linkages the Liberals made between Conservative leader Stephen Harper and Alberta Premier Ralph Klein. It is alleged that Harper and Klein are in an alliance to reform health care into a mixed, public-private system that could undermine universal medicare in Canada. It’s hard to say what, exactly, this would entail, but the Liberals are now trying everything in their war chest to discredit Harper and the Conservatives on a national scale.

If you think that the campaigning last week was nasty, this week will be even worse in the mudslinging department.

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