It looks like the Liberals have, since last week’s TV debates, turned things around, albeit slightly. Right now, the Liberals and Conservatives are in a virtual dead heat at the polls, and now things are getting even more interesting with the prospect that NDP leader Jack Layton and Liberal leader Paul Martin are open to discussing potential partnerships in government if the Liberals form a minority government. However, this partnership would hinge on if the NDP’s demand of a national referendum on proportional representation would go ahead or not.

FAHRENHEIT 9/11: The most anticipated new film of 2004 is only days away from its general release and the hype has already begun. Michael Moore, the resident left-wing showman who’s become a global icon railing against George W. Bush and his crew, is facing equal amounts of support at Salon (day pass required) and condemnation by Christopher Hitchens. In any case, this film is going stir things up pretty seriously in the U.S. Presidential election.

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