Well you’re probably thinking what the hell is he doing online after claiming he would go offline for several days. Here’s the odd thing: hotels have this wonderful tendency to offer free wireless nowadays. And Fredericton – New Brunswick’s famed capital city – has a city-wide wireless network. So more to come.

Took off today at 9 a.m. and hit the 401 flying. Sundays are good days to drive on the 401, at least in the morning and if you’re going eastbound away from Toronto. After a few stops, we made it to Kingston a little bit before noon.

We took a detour to the Queen’s campus, which is looking beautiful. Watts and Leggett Halls, the two new student residences, are amazing. The campus is buzzing with construction sites and new projects.

We then went to see my friend Eileen Krieger’s memorial site. The tree wasn’t there for some reason – most likely didn’t survive the winter – but the plaque was. It was fairly emotional to see. I have a picture of it that I will email out upon finishing this trip.

After that, we took off for Quebec. Montreal must have the worst highway system in Canada, I’ve never seen anything like it. The highways and onramps are cracked and barely holding up; it looks in terrible shape. I didn’t actually see Montreal other than the highways, but that will change at some point.

Quebec City is my current location. This is an amazing city, that’s for sure. It feels like a European city in North America – small streets, lots of winding road and hills and a distinctly Old World charm.

Tomorrow will be the trip through New Brunswick. The most grueling part of the trip is over – Toronto to Quebec City – and now comes the fun part: The Maritimes.


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