There’s something about being home on a Saturday night that’s oddly compelling once in awhile. I haven’t had a chance to do this for awhile; my gang at King’s is pretty social but this past week has been pretty insane. Sometimes you need a break from doing anything (and spending money).

Jazz-FM, one of my favourite radio stations, is playing online at the moment and I’m finishing up my next CBC column. If you get a chance, go pick up Malcolm Gladwell’s new book, Blink. It’s awesome.

I promised that this site wouldn’t turn into a typical “blog” that features endless minutia on crap that no one cares about outside of me. God, how I’ve broken that rule.

It’s kind of strange how Halifax kind of shuts down when it hits a certain freezing point here. Very few people are out. It’s cold in warmth and in spirit.



World leaders and survivors of the Nazi Holocaust marked the 60th anniversary of the liberation of the notorious Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp today.

I’m not going to go into discussing why this is important, because it’s self-explanatory. If you even need a reason to determine why this is important, go rent Schindler’s List tonight. You’ll understand after that.



Well it’s been a busy last week – we finally got the Commoner out and the final result looks great. For those who don’t know, the Commoner is the newspaper we put out for King’s during the newspaper workshop. I wrote an op-ed in it about pornography – there’s no online links to it, unfortunately, but the paper will be available at some point as a .pdf file.

I am also now enrolled in the Advanced Radio workshop for the final term. It’s fast approaching – there’s only a few weeks left in the newspaper workshop before we break for Reading Week, and then we’re down to the final days of the program. Come April 8th, we’re done! It’s not that far off. Advanced Radio will allow me to produce some radio documentaries, which is very exciting. I’ve done magazine writing before and I’m fairly well-versed in online programming, so this should be a great learning experience.

Speaking of which, I got hired by the King’s Student Union to be their web guy until the end of the year. I get paid for this and I get to design the new King’s Student Union logo, which is extremely cool. It’s amazing how King’s is so supportive and helpful to their students.

Oh, and I got my head shaved.


Oh, surprised? Yeah, me too. As an experiment, I decided, albeit with a little encouragement from my housemates, to shave all my hair off and see what the result would be (give it two weeks and I’ll have hair back, so no worries). It actually looks okay. It’s a weird feeling to put your hands on your head and not feel any hair – I haven’t felt this before. It was very scary to do it but I’m kind of glad I did – it’s definitely different.

I don’t think I’m going to keep the look during the winter – it’s too cold to have a bald head. However, I think I’ll probably consider going back to it come April. The good part is I won’t have to spend money on a haircut for two months.

BLIZZARD: I often wonder if global warming is merely a theory come to life in Toronto – we’ve talked about how warming weather is affecting our seasons for so long it’s starting to become a reality, i.e. no snow in winter.

Not in Halifax.

Today’s blizzard marks the third time we’ve had a significant snow fall in Halifax this week. Walking to the library today was a cardio workout in itself – you could barely get one foot in front of the other because A) you couldn’t see due to all the snow falling, and B) because the snow is so deep you have to lift your entire leg to move. Just click on the link on the front page, you’ll see what I mean.



One of the amazing things about an iPod is its remarkable ability to have all the music you want and it even “predicts” what your mood is. It’s Sunday morning and I’m in this quiet, easy-going mood at the moment. I love folk music (yes, that’s surprising) and funky soul so I’ve got on my playlist at the moment:

Johnny Cash

Alison Krauss

Al Green

Old Bruce Springstreen


Moby’s not folk or soul music but he encompasses so many musical genres I prefer not to label him anyway.

SIDNEY CROSBY: All I’m going to say is that it’s not cool for everyone to be putting this kind of pressure on a teenager. I have no doubt he’s a brilliant hockey player – potentially one of the best ever. But that’s just it – why are we all comparing this kid to the greats already and putting unbelievable pressure on him?



Man am I tired. I’ve gained what is known as a sleep deficit, which is the gradual build-up of a lack of hours of sleep. The Law of Diminishing Returns seems vaguely appropriate here. My pal Sammy, whom I worked with at Queen’s, had the same problem.

Tonight is the big first issue layout of The Commoner. Articles are written, photos taken and now comes Quark. I love Quark and Photoshop – these programs are awesome.

Oh, and incidently, if anyone wants to get me a late birthday gift, you can promptly go to and order a copy of iLife’05 for me. Just a tip, heh. It’s only $75! The MacWorld Expo was a huge hit and it looks like Apple is indeed going after low-end computer users with the Mac Mini and the iPod Shuffle. Microsoft, you’ve been warned.

A colleague of mine asked someone on my workshop “do you have a blog?” and he answered “yes.” This blogging thing is still kind of weird for people. It’s still weird for me. Sometimes I have absolutely nothing to say and I still feel compelled to post.