Here’s an apt piece on children acting as tech support for their folks. I couldn’t agree more with it. My dad’s pretty good at technology (although it’s still me who does the vast majority of networking and physical layouts) and my mom, well… she needs a lot of education still. It’s their generation, so I don’t blame them or get angry with them about their lack of knowledge – it’s like my age group witnessing the difference between the next age group which will probably see space travel as a regular deal as opposed to us, which can only see regular space travel as a dream still.

RADIO JINGLES! I can still remember it today; old skool harmonies featuring a bunch of white guys named Bernie, Sam and Morley singing about the virtues of irons, TV dinners and other black-and-white era broadcasts on the radio. Today, you’re likely to hear Republica, The Sneaker Pimps and other one-hit wonder bands with corporate-speak lyrics being employed to sell a product. Didn’t even notice it until this piece pointed it out. Good one.

LOTR: I have the DVD box set of the Lord of the Rings Extended Edition Trilogy. It’s 12 hours in total length, and that’s just for the movies, not the Appendices section of the DVDs. If I only had the time…


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