“Marge, I think I hate Ted Koppel! No wait, I find him informative and witty – night.” – Homer Simpson Posted by Hello

Big news in the television news world today: Ted Koppel, anchor of ABC News’ Nightline current affairs program, is quitting after more than 20 years as host of the show. He’s also leaving ABC News completely, which is very surprising.

Some people criticize Koppel as being wooden and robotic in his voice delivery; he’s a bit of a throwback, yes, but he’s still one of the best news anchors in the U.S., and it’s a shame to see him go. First Brokaw, Rather and now Kopppel.


Jessica Alba. Best. Role. Ever.  Posted by Hello

A lot of people are really getting excited over Frank Miller’s Sin City, which comes out on Friday. It’s got almost every major star in Hollywood in it, looks fabulous (come on, graphic novels as-movies? Long overdue) and will be one of the edgiest, most violent films in recent memory.

Besides, that photo’s pretty nice, no?


Paul Hester. Former drummer for a truly great band, R.I.P.  Posted by Hello

Some really sad news today: Paul Hester, former drummer for one of my favourites, Crowded House, hung himself in a park in Melbourne.

I love Crowded House and it really sucks to see something like this happen. Nobody saw this coming because Hester didn’t show any outward signs of depression.

There’s a certain irony in Hester’s death, for Split Enz songs and Crowded House songs – music Hester worked on with Neil Finn – always brought me and I lot of people I know up while teenagers. I loved listening to Weather With You, Fall At Your Feet and Into Temptation. When I was 14, I used to listen to my Crowded House CDs when I felt blue and I always felt better afterwards.

Hope things are happier for you Paul – wherever you are.



A lot of people I know from back home have wanted to know what King’s looks like from the inside. After all, I’ve been here since August of last year and I can only describe the look of a place up to a point. So below is a photo essay of sorts on King’s. Incidently, there’s another posting from today below the photos.

This past week was kind of rough for me. I lost the Valedictorian election (although I was in very stiff competition and being a one-year I’m not really deserving of the honour so much as the four-year people) and I was fairly frustrated with some article business. Still, this coming week is going to be very busy – KSU Awards Night on Wednesday, the Golden Cobdens on Thursday, mock trial date on Friday, our semi-formal on Saturday. Yikes. I’ll post photos for all of them. Also, the bugs were finally fixed in the KSU’s web site, so here it is.

DOCTOR WHO RETURNS: In what’s arguably the best news I’ve heard this week, Doctor Who finally returned to the airwaves after 16 years. I absolutely loved this show back when I was a geek-in-training in the early 1980’s. I didn’t fully understand what was going on, but the stories were awesome and the special effects, um… well, not quite as awesome, but that was part of its charm. When you look back on it, some of the stories are pretty silly and the villians beyond ridiculous (the Daleks, these cumbersome pod-things that would scream in a British accent “Exterminate!”) but man it was cool sometimes. The sheer camp factor was enough to keep you interested. Thankfully, the CBC is broadcasting the first episode on April 5th.

This time, the series has been souped up with much-improved special effects and a less tweedy Doctor. Christopher Eccleston, a really talented actor who’s been in tonnes of great movies lately like 28 Days Later, plays the Doctor, and Billie Piper (yes, the former British pop singer) is his companion Rose Tyler. Cool photo of the two of them is posted above.