Paul Hester. Former drummer for a truly great band, R.I.P.  Posted by Hello

Some really sad news today: Paul Hester, former drummer for one of my favourites, Crowded House, hung himself in a park in Melbourne.

I love Crowded House and it really sucks to see something like this happen. Nobody saw this coming because Hester didn’t show any outward signs of depression.

There’s a certain irony in Hester’s death, for Split Enz songs and Crowded House songs – music Hester worked on with Neil Finn – always brought me and I lot of people I know up while teenagers. I loved listening to Weather With You, Fall At Your Feet and Into Temptation. When I was 14, I used to listen to my Crowded House CDs when I felt blue and I always felt better afterwards.

Hope things are happier for you Paul – wherever you are.


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