It’s a lovely chilly day and here’s a podcast. Sync your iPods now people, I ain’t waiting.


Speaking of which, you want an awesome podcast? I mention this in my podcast, but here’s Adam Curry’s podcast site. Curry’s a former MTV VJ who got this podcasting thang going last summer. His show, The Daily Source Code, is really good. The guy’s loaded with a sweet USB headset (hence, no background hissing, unlike my podcast, which is a cheapskate podcast, but I’m a student, so you know, whatever) and an awesome Apple PowerBook.

Also on the same topic, Apple came out with the release date for their new OS, OS X 10.4, also known as Tiger. This upgrade is pretty sweet. See for yourself.

GOMERY INQUIRY FALLOUT: You’d be hard-pressed these days to find a Liberal anywhere in this country who’s either caught with their tail between their legs or running for cover. I’ll say it: there’s no upside at all to this for the Liberals. This is just plain bad. It only affirms what many Canadians have thought for years about the Grits; the party has been arrogant and adrift and now all the allegations of suspicious dealings in Quebec are going to burn the party, federally and provincially.

While I’m not interested in panicking yet about the future of Canada, the separatists’ sudden resurgence in the polls and the Conservatives kicking the Liberals’ electoral hopes to the curb in Quebec (!), this just can’t be good at all.


If the Liberals can hold on long enough for the Gomery report to be issued in the fall, the anger English Canadians (and Quebeckers) feel about this now-huge scandal (The Globe called it one of the biggest scandals in Canadian political history, and I’d say that’s pretty accurate) might eventually simmer down and we can take a long look at the situation. Yes, maybe it’s time for the Liberals to be punished at the polls for real this time (a minority government doesn’t count) and put the Conservatives in for a term. It might help rid the federal government of the systemic corruption that’s plagued the capital for a few years now allegedly, and maybe allow Quebeckers to see that all politicians are guilty in this. Remember: the PQ took money also.

Also, I’d strongly insist we get the constitutional debates going again. I think we’re ready for it now. That’s the only way to put the separatist threat in Quebec to bed for good, and right now, Canada’s in a half-way decent position to do it. Why not?


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