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Tony Blair – the man who’s policies launched a thousand missile strikes in Baghdad.  Posted by Hello


Aside from the usual stuff about the federal government and the now-imminent federal election, another election just finished up across the pond.

BRITISH ELECTION: Tony Blair and his Labour Party pulled off a majority government last night – the first time Labour has accomplished this for three consecutive terms. Still, it’s a reduced majority and the Conservatives have gained ground on Labour. The Liberal Democrats didn’t make a huge impact in southern England but made a huge impact in northern Scotland and the western half of Wales.

This isn’t a resounding endorsement of Tony Blair in any fashion, however. The fallout over the war in Iraq did some serious damage to Blair’s personal popularity and therefore the Labour Party’s as well. Still, it’s a victory for Blair and the Labour Party as a whole. The next few years will determine when Blair quits (he’s already said he will quit this term) and Gordon Brown makes a run for the leadership.

HERE COMES THE WEB SITE: Alright! I put this off for awhile during the school year (you know, assignments and work) but here it comes: is registered and ready for hosting. I’m going to get to work on the pages this weekend and have it ready for launch next week. There’s many reasons why this is a good idea for me – good opportunity to have a personal brand name, spot to host files and podcasts, load up this blog onto the site, post articles and radio broadcasts, et al.


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