Today on the TTC, I noticed an ad inside Dose about blogs with this quote: You pretend to be interesting, everyone else pretends to care. So true. Aside from a few regular viewers, blogs really are only about communicating vital information to a select few folks who care about you and your life, or they stumbled there by accident. At King’s, quite a few people in the program had never even heard of blogs.

TIGER: I recently installed Mac OS X 10.4, a.k.a. Tiger. It’s given my Mac a major boost in power and utility; a lot of functions on the OS now get regular use above and beyond programs like Firefox, iPodder or Microsoft Office for Mac. Automator, Dashboard (which is awesome) and another 198 (yup, that many) new functions in Tiger. It’s fantastic.

Apple’s kind of in this weird state where the world is moving towards an open source concept of computing but Apple is bucking the trend with closed, boutique-style computing. Macs will never be the world’s dominant OS, but Tiger employs technology that Google has developed with Spotlight (Apple’s answer to Google Desktop Search) and Dashboard (Apple’s answer to Konfabulator). What comes out of all this is obvious: Apple is showing Microsoft how it is done and beating them to the punch before Longhorn gets released in 2007 (a release that I’m pretty indifferent to).

It annoys me sometimes how people are so used to inferior technology they will continue to support products in spite of obviously superior technology like Apple.

On that same thread…

CBC Ratings: this is great news. CBC Radio is vital, important and well-listened to throughout Canada and beyond, so if anyone ever asks why we need a public broadcaster, this is as good a reason as any. Just scroll down a bit on Tod’s page and it’s there.


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