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LIVE 8 AFTERMATH, originally uploaded by greghughes2004.


The above photo, thanks to the BBC, is the best image of the Live 8 event – Annie Lennox is still a superstar even now.

The aftermath of Live 8 is still being felt around the world – the Globe reported today that, unfortunately, Finance Minister Ralph Goodale can’t live up to the commitments of the 0.7 per cent target for foreign aid funding. Still, Sir Bob Geldof’s concert has done something in preparation for the G-8 meeting in Gleneagles in two days. People have become more aware of and of the role poverty plays in Africa (as if Africa can be viewed as one homogenous mass – it kills me that people do that, Sub-Saharan Africa is vastly different from North African as it is from West Africa as it is… well, you get the point.)

4TH OF JULY: Today’s America’s birthday. I feel kind of bad that I didn’t comment on Canada Day and the things we should celebrate being here (socialized medicare, strong defense of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the CBC, a beautiful and unspoiled land) but I think those benefits of being Canadian come into sharper focus when you look at the United States today.

I have to be honest: while I admire many elements of American culture (the R&D culture, the striving towards excellence, et al) I think it’s save to say few people around the world with the exception of Americans themselves (and even then, it’s not as though the U.S. is united in their love of all things America, especially with folks like George W. Bush flexing sovereignty muscles of American exceptionalism with the G-8 conference in two days) are happy today. There’s not a lot to admire about America right now when it comes to the country’s place in the world. That’s a real shame – all the good will from 9/11 is gone. I’d never imagine that would have happened in the days following September 11th.


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