Self-Googling is pretty vain stuff. Once in awhile you do it to see where you are in the pecking order of the web.

I’ve come to the conclusion there are too many Greg Hughes-type people in this world. I’m mixed up with several Greg Hughes guys out there. But you know what’s weird? And I mean really weird? There’s another Greg Hughes (he’s at who’s also into science and technology. And he’s a writer-type guy. Just like me. It’s really amazing how close our interests are. Must be something about the name.

AREA 51: Speaking of Google, check this out. Google Maps is in Beta mode and this guy did a satellite check of Area 51, the famed “secret location” for unexplained events in UFO-Aliens lore. It’s pretty interesting stuff.

Oh, and the NHL-NHLPA agreed on a new CBA. Everybody rejoice. No really, you can, it’s okay now. Nobody? No one? Meh, that’s what I thought. You ain’t getting any money from me, NHL. Ever. And those of you who sink back into your habit of watching Hockey Night In Canada after a winter of no hockey – you’re letting them win.


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