Writing is like any other profession in some ways; you have ebbs and flows in terms of creative energy, vitality and general insightfulness (even I have that once in awhile, believe it or not).

So here’s my attempt to clean out my blog’s general lack of posting goodness with some virtual draino – stuff that’s been accumulating that I haven’t talked about yet.

VIDEO IPOD: Rumours are accumulating that September will feature a video iPod release from Apple. This will further embolden iTunes, given that music videos can now be sold if the technology really is coming to the iPod brand. Now if they can give it Wi-Fi capability or Bluetooth (and maybe enlarge the screen a bit), you can forget the Sony PSP right now. Although the PSP is pretty sweet.

DAVE CHAPPELLE: I really miss Chappelle’s Show. My brother and I own the first two seasons of Dave Chappelle’s insanely funny show. We love it. Thing is, it’s on indefinite hiatus and there’s little chance he’ll be returning anytime soon to Comedy Central. CBC’s got a good article on the shows replacing it while it’s AWOL.

On another Comedy Central-related note, last night’s Daily Show (complete with swanky new set) featured Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein. It was a really interesting conversation (Jon Stewart’s the best of both worlds, I swear) and talked about the nature of revealing major scandals like Watergate in 2005.

You’d think it would be much easier now, what with email, blogs and podcasts. Bernstein and Woodward argued, correctly, you can and should break major stories today, although I think they’re being optimistic in a press culture that’s been forced to know-tow to Bush more often than they should. This is largely because the Bush administration, the question-phobic, “plain-speaking,” anti-intellectualist cadre that infantilizes public discourse with every response they give, is prepared to do just about anything to bully the media into not reporting relevant issues. Not even Nixon would consider the press something to be bullied in order to strengthen Republican hegemony.

Ok, rant done. More to come. Another podcast this week, I hope. If not, well, should be soon.


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