It’s Day 2 of the CBC lockout (I promise I won’t be writing about this topic everyday of the lockout; I’m just really interested in it now and it affects me too so I like to talk about it) and I’m having a theory about public broadcasting in Canada.

What will it take to make Canadians realize that the virtues our country upholds – fairness, equality, multiculturalism to name a few – all exist in some part due to journalism, namely the CBC? Without the CBC – an institution that is a lot like health care in Canada, for it is something you tend to long for and miss only when you’re not in the country or haven’t had access to it for some time – Canada as we know it simply would not exist. Period. It’s an institution so valuable to our collective cultural heritage that to not appreciate it makes me want to fight harder for it (not to mention for nationalist reasons; our shared technological, social and cultural roots are the only things keeping Canada together and the CBC is the bulwark of those forces).

That’s why I sincerely hope some kind of compromise can be found between the Canadian Media Guild and the Corporation soon. If this drags out too long, it could cause serious damage to the CBC’s reputation and quality.

KING’S: I started King’s one year ago Monday. A new class started today and they got a snazzy new web site by the very talented and versatile Tim Currie. Check this site out – all the King’s journalism publications and broadcasts, courses and news links all under one digital roof. Nice work.

GOOGLE: This is pretty crazy. A national Wi-Fi network by Google? For free? Really?


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