Well things are heating up – lots of freelance projects on the go and this blog keeps getting more and more full of media. Here are some exciting new announcements (well, I guess they’re exciting, at least to me).

PODCAST: My pal Mark from King’s and I are going to be making a podcast together! Same approach as Shift Audio, same themes, but infinitely better production values! You see, Mark’s in charge of radio production at King’s. He’s got access to a studio, sound effects and a whole lot more. The show’s title? Alt.Shift. Yes, I know. Geeky as hell. Our first production is scheduled for this Friday, but we will post a download on a new blog and on iTunes. Man, I’m such a nerd.

VLOGGING: I’ve decided to get into Vlogging, which is video blogging. Tomorrow, a video blog entry will posted on this blog. Tonight I’m heading down to the Toronto International Film Festival to rub shoulders with various celebs. Well, no, not really, the only chance of that happening is if I worked for this show, this show or this show, and quite frankly, I’m not quite cute enough to be there. But that’s ok. If you’ve got it, flaunt it. But there will be a pretty cool vlog entry here tomorrow.

DOWNLOAD: Here’s a link to a piece I produced on my very own little computer for CFRU in Guelph. It’s in tribute to Joseph Boyden’s amazing book, Three Day Road. I’ll admit my voice sound quality is kind of rough (when I’ve got the cash for a USB Flash Recorder, it will sound much better – for now, it’s a USB headset) but I sincerely hope you like it.

MULRONEY: I’m curious. What did the former PM think these tapes would accomplish to his reputation? And more to the point, why say such things into a tape recorder? I feel bad for the guy – I’m sure he’s probably on the phone making many apologies now. Still, it’s completely within Newman’s rights to do what he wants with them.


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