Ok, small confession here: some readers may find it really weird, but I really like Kanye West. A lot. And no, not because it’s trendy. He was an incredible producer before he hit the big time on his own and The College Dropout was the best album of 2004, easy. Late Registration is even better than Dropout; I don’t know how he does it, but Diamonds and Golddigger are so good I can’t stop listening to them on my iPod. Check out this review at Rolling Stone. To say it’s glowing would be understating it.

Now I’m hardly a hip-hop expert. I know what I like, though. Musically, I’m so diverse I just can’t pin myself down – I’m a lot like my brother when it comes to electronic music but I also incorporate my dad’s love of blues and my mom’s love of Latin with my own love of folk and jazz. And yes, I can even listen to A Perfect Circle or System Of A Down.

But back to Kanye. I think Kanye represents the future of hip-hop. He’s got more courage and creative energy than most artists in hip-hop today. He’s hooked up with Jay-Z quite well with Roc-A-Fella Records (hell, Jay-Z even has a remix out of Golddigger already). And unlike this guy or even this guy (who’s gone way downhill since 8 Mile), Kanye’s not afraid to be intelligent about his music (as opposed to simply slumming it through predictable, lazy music, featuring the same old guns, ganja and game BS).

Some people don’t like the fact Kanye’s egotistical. Well I say he’s earned that right. He’s easily the best hip-hop artist in North America right now and unlike the “playa” culture that most hip-hop is associated with, Kanye’s got huge crossover appeal.

And, of course, his female counterpart Missy Elliot can match him everyway. Missy’s videos are amazing, her creative output similar to Kanye’s – Lose Control just kicks ass, I strongly suggest you download it if you haven’t already – and she’s able to do whatever she wants in the industry.

Again, I’m no expert but I like ’em both a lot. Keep doing what you’re doing, guys.

VLOGGING? No video posting yet, but it will come soon. I’m going to be making a video mix through Final Cut Pro with this BBC Radio 1 contest, just for fun (contest is for U.K. residents only, so no dice for me). Once it’s done, I’ll post it. For people hooked into email with me (sorry, comments and trackbacks aren’t coming back, at least for some time yet), I welcome your comments, criticisms and suggestions. Video editing is something I really want to get into more, so anything that can make me better is welcomed.


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