And we’re back!

CBC: It’s been a happy last couple of days for me. First off, the CBC deal. I’m so happy about this, I can’t even begin to tell you. I’m so glad the lockout is over. It’s a wonderful feeling. Tod Maffin deserves a medal for his efforts with CBCUnplugged.com. He’s a most remarkable man and he’s given the CBC a brand new perspective on the role of digital media at the place. CBC.ca, the many, many blogs that emerged out of this lockout, Shelagh Rogers‘ Caravan tour that has and will continue to fundamentally change her show Sounds Like Canada, and lastly, of course, podcasting has come of age. After all the acrimony, bitterness and division, I think this could usher in a new age with the CBC: a renewed commitment to the goals of public broadcasting. Cheers!

ANNIVERSARY: It is my blog’s two-year anniversary. I can’t believe how much I’ve written on this site. I did a check and I’ve written almost the equivalent of two books. Now if I could only get down to actually writing a real book.

FREELANCING: My freelance assignments are really picking up steam now. I’ve got six projects on the go. I’m really enjoying them too, it’s a great feeling to really love what you do.


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