Well it’s been a mix of good and bad news. First off, the bad news (get it out of the way first, it’s easier).

Due to budgetary concerns, my column is not being renewed. I’m bummed about it, but it’s largely out of my hands. At the same time, I did get 15 columns up there. And I’m plenty busy, so it’s probably best that I focus on other stuff. I had a good run.

I can’t really get into the good news that much (at least, not yet) but when I do, it will get posted on here. Needless to say, it’s a really awesome opportunity that will let me move out of the Business/Technology mode. It’s pretty cool.

STEPHEN LEWIS: I’m such a geek. You see, I’m into this whole “intellectual” thing with speakers, public intellectuals, et al. The Massey Lectures fit into this whole theme. I love them. Last year I was all over it with Ronald Wright’s lecture. I wrote three articles around his lecture on A Short History Of Progress, as well as a radio piece. This year’s Massey Lecturer is none other than Stephen Lewis. His lecture is called Race Against Time.

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