Anyone who knows me will understand I’m a huge audiophile, meaning how much I love sound. This being said, I’ll listen to just about anything, especially sweet, sweet podcasts. Last year, podcasting really hit it big and I’d just like to share some shows that I really like and I suspect some of you may as well.
– CBC Radio Three

The CBC has put together a fine podcast from the good folks at Radio Three, and it’s fan-freakin-tastic. All Canadian music, really great sound, great voices, I strongly recommend it. Here’s their site.

– On The Media

This show is without a doubt the most essential listening online for any media nut or critic around. It’s incredible. National Public Radio in the U.S. does a great job at promoting this show. The only drawback is that it is almost entirely American in focus, which leads me to wonder: when can we make a Canadian edition? Here’s a link.

IN OUR TIME – The BBC’s version of the CBC’s Ideas, In Our Time is a history/politics/science/faith/technology show with Melvyn Bragg as host. Sometimes it can get very heavy, this is true, but it’s definitely worth listening to.

QUIRKS AND QUARKS – CBC Radio One’s science program is really great to listen to, really is. Even after so many years, it’s still one of the most relevant, interesting and engaging science/technology show around. And they have podcasts!

LEAVING FOR GHANA: In a year of change, one of the harder things is seeing a friend go off somewhere. But in this case, it’s a change that will inevitably prove valuable. My pal John from King’s, a really talented radio producer/documentarian, is heading off to Ghana in another week and a bit for a six-month stay to train local citizens in radio and television production. It’s through Journalists For Human Rights, the organization I’ve been working with since last year. Great bunch of folks and it will be sad to see John go, but he’s going to have a great experience and it will be well worth it.

MD RECORDERS: Right now, I’m trying to find a nice new MD recorder for my radio pieces. I’m considering EBay, but I kind of want a new one before Sony stops producing them. If you’ve got my email address and have suggestions, please let me know.


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