Well because I worked on Boxing Day, I’m getting the day off. This just gives me a chance to catch up on a lot of different little odds and ends.

I can’t say this will be the happiest post, but hey – it’s Monday.

DIATRIBE: I read online last night that my old publication at Queen’s, Diatribe, got robbed over the holidays – the computer I bought back in 2001 when the publication started was stolen.

I’m pretty bummed about it, mostly because I feel awful for the gang in charge. And it looks like there’s no insurance or obligation on part of the student government to get them a new computer.

I’m hoping it works out for them and a solution is found.

DOOMSDAY: An absolutely terrifying piece from James Lovelock on the impending disaster that’s going to radically re-shape the Earth and humanity for the worse. While there’s been many books and articles over the years that have spoken about disasters (read: nuclear warfare, population explosions), this article’s really a hair-raiser. I’m not sure Lovelock’s position is the right one, but human beings are creating so much damage to the planet that how can things get better before they get much worse from an environmental point of view? This being said, don’t take his words as some extremist. Lovelock’s a member of the Royal Society. Take his words as warning signs.

LARRY H. MILLER: In case you’re wondering who this guy is, he’s the owner of the NBA’s Utah Jazz and Megaplex 17 in Sandy, Utah – the theatre that refused to screen Brokeback Mountain. I can’t quite understand how someone, especially a sports franchise owner, is getting away with such censorship and thinly veiled homophobia (intolerance still reigns supreme in ultra-conservative Utah – it’s a sad, sad state of affairs). Here’s ESPN’s take on the situation.


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