Before I get into the Super Bowl today, here’s something that’s especially close to me – CFRC.

I learned this week that CFRC-FM, my old radio stomping grounds back at Queen’s, is undergoing a fundraising drive. The reason? Funding for CFRC is on the outs at the end of this year from Queen’s and there has to be a way to generate the funds to make the station operate, at least in the short-term. CFRC’s right there with CBC Radio as the best radio stations in Kingston, bar none (the others aren’t awful, but I really love CFRC and CBC).

SUPER BOWL: So today’s the big day in Detroit. Not sure who’s gonna win, but one thing is for sure – the concert with the Stones in half-time is going to be awesome. Joss Stone, Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, John Legend, Aaron Neville and India.Arie are performing before the game starts, which is equally awesome.

OSCAR PREDICTION, PART 2: I’m only going to go over a few more categories here.

Best Animated Feature – Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the The Were-Rabbit
I really enjoyed this film, especially with its Anglophile themes and the fact the stop-motion animation – so delighfully quaint in these days of computer animation – was so good.

Best Documentary Feature – Murderball
This is a real toss-up. My instincts say March of the Penguins, but that was the overwhelming choice for movie-goers in the summer and while that’s not a bad thing, Murderball was an amazing film. It’s nice to see documentaries getting a lot more attention nowadays.

Best Music (Score) – Memoirs of a Geisha
This is an incredibly tough category, but my gut says the Academy will either give this to Brokeback Mountain in the tide of Brokeback awards, or Memoirs of a Geisha will get it. I don’t think Geisha is a perfect film by any means, but the music is incredible.

Best Visual Effects – King Kong
Let’s face it: Peter Jackson is now the toast of Hollywood and while Kong is no Lord of the Rings in terms of scope and brilliance, it’s an incredible film with visual effects on par with LOTR. War of the World had pretty awesome CGI effects but it didn’t break the mold like Kong did.

Best Writing (Adapted Screenplay) – Brokeback Mountain
It will be a shock if this one doesn’t win. The Constant Gardner and A History of Violence both deserve this one too, but you know how these things work.

Best Writing (Original Screenplay) – Good Night, and Good Luck
My instincts say that the Academy will give something to George Clooney’s opus on McCarthyism. It’s just too good a screenplay to turn down.


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