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Well it’s official: Prime Minister Harper and his Conservative cabinet has been set. It all feels kind of surreal, doesn’t it? I think it’s especially odd for folks in my generation who haven’t really seen a different federal government (or at least been aware of a different government) since 1993. That’s an eternity in politics.

Interesting list of choices for cabinet. Most folks can probably live with the choices, with the notable exception of Jim Flaherty as Minister of Finance. I can’t believe Harper chose him for that job. Did he not read up on what went on during the Harris/Eves government in Ontario? Thankfully it’s a minority government and Flaherty – a true believer in the now-discredited Common Sense Revolution in every way – can’t exercise his more extremist characteristics at the helm of the federal purse.

Good choice with Peter MacKay at the Foreign Affairs post. MacKay’s a decent guy (in spite of the contrived nature of that post-Belinda breakup interview at his farm last year) and should handle this porfolio well.

Oh, and incidently: Stockwell Day as Public Safety Minister? Well whatever, maybe here he can redeem himself after the horrors of the Day Leadership Era.

SUPER BOWL AFTERMATH: What a game, eh? That was the most entertaining Super Bowl match-up I’ve ever seen. It had everything – scoring, drama and a great finish. Plus, the pre-game concerts were great. The Stones wern’t bad, although it kind of feels like they’re playing it by-the-numbers with the tracks they played. Although Rough Justice was played, which is from their new album A Bigger Bang (which is actually quite a good record).

NEW GIG: Hey, ever wondered where my writings have gone to? Well they’re still around. But I’m going to be starting a sweet new gig with on February 9th. Check the site for my article that day (and check often regardless). Not going to
say too much so far, but trust me, it’s exciting.

TV, VERSION ?.?: Here’s a question to ponder. How do you watch television nowadays? Do you stick to the regular television listings? Do you download TV episodes? Do you time-shift your shows? Do you use a Personal Video Recorder to record shows sans commercials to watch on your own time? Do you do all of the above?

The reason I ask is that 2006 is shaping up to be a year where groups like Apple and Google really start to plug downloadable and portable video for things like the video iPod, the Sony PSP and other on-the-go mediums. For me, I don’t spend a lot of time watching TV anyway, but since we don’t have a PVR here (yet) I either stick to the schedule or download TV episodes. Just something to ponder.


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