In the midst of checking out various blogs, there’s this list thing that’s been popping up here and there amongst some ex-Queen’s folks I knew. So, in the spirit of playing along, here’s my contribution.

Four Random Jobs I’ve Had

* Business Store Stockboy
* Nightclub Busboy
* Freelance Writer
* DJ

Four movies I can watch over and over:

* Heat
* Blade Runner
* The Commitments
* Aliens

Four places I have lived:

* Markham, ON
* Kingston, ON
* Halifax, NS
* Toronto, ON

Four TV shows I love to watch:

* The Simpsons
* The Family Guy
* The Hour
* Studio 2 (it’s a damn good show, TVO’s best)

Four places I have been on vacation:

* St. John’s, NL
* Montreal, QC
* Rome, Italy
* Seattle, WS

Four websites I visit daily:

* CBC.ca
* BBC News.com
* Slashdot
* Hotmail

Four of my favourite foods:

* Lasagna, Veggie or Meat
* Pizza w/one meat and onions, tomatoes and peppers
* Greek Salad
* Curry Chicken

Four things I love:

* Family and friends
* Books (lots of them)
* Broadband internet
* Red wine

Four things I dislike:

* Smugness
* Paris Hilton
* Judgmental attitudes
* Dogmatic beliefs of any kind

Four authors I most admire:

* Michael Ondaatje
* Northrop Frye
* Robertson Davies
* Mordecai Richler

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