Google has done it again. They’ve now left the planet with the introduction of Google Mars. It’s pretty damn cool (although it serves absolutely no discernible purpose other than for simple curiosity).

Here’s a screenshot of the Mars cartography.

Now here comes the interesting part. If you increase magnification, you can see a series of dried out deltas and river networks. These can’t be anything but abandoned rivers, as the rock decay is close to what we’d see in normal river circulation here on Earth. Big deal, but now average people can see what many scientists have seen for years: there’s a strong likelihood water was on Mars, which means there’s an ever stronger possibility of life existing outside of Earth but within the solar system.

Here’s a look:

COMMONWEALTH GAMES: This most odd of odd sporting events starts Wednesday in Melbourne. All these old British territories, former colonies and even ex-Commonwealth nations all come together for the most peculiar of sporting events. For me, I’ll be rooting for such sporting regions as the Isle of Man, Jersey (?) and Belize! (I’ve got nothing against these territories, just to be clear).

And, as my friend Neate says, you can actually win a medal in lawn bowling! Of course, Australia is the closest thing there is at these Games to being an international athletic powerhouse (read: Athens Olympics – 50+ medals for the Aussies in a country smaller than Canada), so it may not be the most entertaining affair. I can see it now: “gold, Australia, silver, Australia, bronze…”

You get the idea.

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