One of the strangest things happened this morning: I woke up feeling creatively energized for the first time in almost a month. I felt writers block for the last two weeks; the whole concept of creative blockages is pretty annoying to anyone who’s trying to constantly produce content at an incredibly fast pace. My busy schedule the last month has been draining, that’s for sure.

I think part of it is, obviously, having nothing left in the tank. 2006 has been a crazy-busy year for me so far so some down time with sleep, exercising and video games has re-awakened my natural curiosities and zest for knowledge.

Still, this is good news. I feel excited about the world, current affairs and news again.

EHUD OLMERT: Kadima’s victory last night in the Israeli elections is great news for the peace process in Israel, although I’m very skeptical he’ll be able to manage a coalition of parties long enough to establish the process of disengagement. This is the problem with Israeli politics; any movement towards progress in Israeli-Palestinian relations seems beset by the fractured nature of Israeli society. There’s no clear-cut ability to build consensus in Israeli politics. Kadima’s probably the first real chance for a party to build bridges between incoherent, identity-politics driven groups in Israel for years.

So cautiously optimistic, but once again, no clear mandate and no strong message from Israelis to move forward on peace.

FRENCH PROTESTS: Man, do the French know how to riot or what? Maclean’s had a great article on this conflict that neatly sums up the issues in the upcoming issue. Essentially, this isn’t about ideology, socialism or what-have-you – it’s really about competing generations and the highly centralized French bureaucracy controlling the mechanisms that make economic growth in the country unsustainable.

As my brother says, “there’s only way for such a socialized country to work – the whole world has to be that way.”

He’s absolutely right. And that’s not going to happen anytime soon.


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