I’ve written before on why I think Skype is so awesome. To be honest, me waxing about it is about a year and a half too late. But last night, I finally got the chance to really try out Skype’s real potential: SkypeOut.

SkypeOut is a service that allows you to call internationally for a flat fee to regular landline phones and cell phones. It’s absolutely amazing, I love it. I called my pal Fraser online to his mobile in England – there was a time delay, but it was crystal-clear sound and it was, well, surreal. Plus, it was cheaper than using international dialing.

One of the great features of Skype is the fact you can use virtually perfect sound to record interviews, provided the other person has a Skype client and a headset to speak into. I’m planning to do several interviews this way over the next little while; record the digital file and save it as an MP3. Sweet.

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