Been offline a bit to recharge. Gotta do it once in awhile. Day off work today.

COPS WALK CYBERBEAT: Here’s a really interesting article on how cops in the U.S. are using their collective street smarts alongside technology to catch criminals on – a great resource that, unfortunately, some bad apples are taking advantage of to prey on people.

I’m kind of torn on MySpace (as I am on Google, more on that in a minute) these days. Part of the problem with MySpace is while it is a great concept for the social networking aspect of the web, it is predicated on social responsibility for users; in effect, like most of the web, it is an app that assumes rationality and respect for individuals online before considering what some people are really like. A lot of these issues will likely be dealt with more and more as the web continues to evolve, but hopefully fears over MySpace’s security issues will be resolved over the next little while, what with a new security czar in place and a concerted effort on part of administrators to make the place safer.

CREEPY: Speaking of MySpace, my brother showed me a site today that’s just plain creepy. It’s called MyDeathSpace. It features a list of MySpace users who have recently died, some of whom have died rather horribly. The worst part? They’re almost entirely young people. I think the suicides are particularly terrible.

LARA CROFT: I got sent a review copy of Lara Croft’s new title, Legend. Strangely, I had never played a Lara Croft title before. It’s actually quite a bit of fun (if incredibly hard in some places).

NEW YORKER PIECE: This is kind of old news now but I’ll post the link anyway: Seymour Hersh, one of the great American journalists, has just written an amazing piece in last week’s New Yorker about the willingness of the Bush administration using nuclear strikes against Iran. Terrifying stuff.

GOOGLE: As I mentioned earlier, I’m feeling a bit torn these days over Google. They keep releasing great products like Google Calendar, but the flap over got the full court press treatment in the new Adbusters, which uses the clever “Googlag” riff on Google’s brand name. Under the consideration of how ethical it really is for a company that is supposed to be acting as an agent of information freedom censoring search results in order to comply with laws in China, I feel kind of conflicted over Google.

SOMETHING WEIRD: This is just plain crazy – the Bikini Babe PC. Thanks to for the link.


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