After a great week of sun and perfect weather (19 degrees in April with no humidity is so awesome), the rain’s coming down something fierce right now.

TRAVELING: The next few weeks are going to feature some traveling on my part. I’ve got to go to a conference to speak at and maybe for a story up north. My holidays come up on May 12th, which is only three weeks away. Nice.

CANCON DOWNLOADS: The Sunday Star had a great article today about how Canadians are being shut out of various digital services south of the border, namely iTunes (Americans get downloads of many TV shows the day after conventional broadcast; Canadians get only music video downloads on iTunes, at least for the moment) and ABC’s experiment to place episodes of Desperate Housewives, Lost, Commander-in-Chief and Alias (no, not quite dead yet) online after broadcast.

Canadians don’t get access to these services, at least not yet. The biggest reason has to do with CTV, Global and CHUM holding broadcast rights here in Canada. Still, when will CanCon shows be available for download on iTunes? Personally, even if downloads become the norm for Canadians on iTunes, I’d be inclined to see a lot less of this show available for download…

(No offense ladies, but your show is preening and inching closer to unwatchable)

and a lot more of these shows…

(The Hour, arguably one of the CBC’s best shows and has one of the smartest hosts, George Stroumboulopoulos – incidently, they’ve got a killer web site)

And this show…

(Who knew Corner Gas was actually pretty good!)

WEBCAM: I finally got myself a decent webcam. I used to have a really crappy one but I’m starting to see the wisdom of having one, what with video conferencing online and my voice headset. Makes a lot more sense.

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