I saw United 93 today. I admit, I went into seeing this film not really sure what to expect. But it was incredible.

This film definitely didn’t feel like a Hollywood feature at all. Incredibly tense from the get-go, United 93 captures the insanity and confusion of 9-11 with amazing performances and genuine emotion. While you already know how this unfortunate, world-changing day went, the ending is so intense, so powerful, you’re kind of left numb and drained by the end. This isn’t for the faint of heart or anyone who thinks 9-11 is still too raw (although it’s kind of a strange argument, considering 9-11 has been in the news for so long now the perspective of United 93 actually illuminates the startlingly human side of both terrorist victims and the terrorists themselves), I’ll give those folks that.

That being said, this is a can’t-miss. Brilliant work by director Paul Greengrass and the actors involved.


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