For some reason, I think this photo is a riot. I can’t explain why, but it is. Maybe because it’s so true, strangely accurate and cute all at the same time when it comes to describing the online search wars between Google, MSN, Yahoo! and

I wanted to add some Illustrator dialogue boxes but I couldn’t be bothered today. Still, what would these tortoises and rabbit be saying?

Google: “Oh, there’s competition behind me, I’d better get moving *snicker*”
Yahoo!: I’ll get you, I’ll get you good!”
MSN: “Oh crap, I’m falling behind!” “I can do it! I can do it! I’m coming!!!”

Yes I know, I have a very strange sense of humour.

This being said, the Economist’s article and the above photo does describe a very real situation for Google. Google’s evolution is growing so significantly that challengers like Yahoo!, MSN and could start making dents in the core searching business of Google. It’s simple, really: the bigger you grow, the more challengers you’re going to face.

This battle for search is one of the two main pillars of life online in the 21st century (the other being advertising). One of the big questions for Google is how far the company is prepared to go in terms of expanding beyond the core PageRank search system and into products that have little to nothing to do with search. I’ve read about a Google Space Elevator for God’s sake.

ROUND OF 16: Well, it’s all kind of surreal that the World Cup is already into the Round of 16, but this is going to be a great second round, won’t it? Pretty shocking the U.S. and Czech Republic are going home, but my pal John who’s in Ghana at the moment is probably savouring the nation’s collective outpouring of joy at the result of Ghana moving forward.

Go England! It sucks there’s no Michael Owen now. Still, this is the best English team in recent memory and probably the best chance England has to win the whole prize – do it now or not at all. Look at France as to how holding onto past glories won’t do you any favours on the field.

MACBOOK HORRORS: The new MacBook laptop line from Apple, the replacement for the iBook and PowerBook lines, is having some issues with batteries and the overwhelming heat coming from them. Check these pictures out.

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