The new Adbusters has an article in it about the rise of perfectable female standards of beauty in the celebrity machine nowadays.

The article indicts one specific example of this phenomenon: Jennifer Aniston.

This article really made sense to me. Aniston may be the most overrated, boring celebrity on the planet, not because she’s a bad person (I doubt it) in real life, but simply because she’s about as close as a human gets to the 21st century ideals of what constitutes beauty: perfect, well, everything. I’ve never found her attractive because of this fact – she’s too perfect, too flawless, too much of everything.

The article also discusses, albeit briefly, how the celebrity machine has evolved now to the point where we’re using methods to dissect not only the personae, but also the body. We’re taking apart people bit by bit in the public arena in order to satisfy some wunderlust for these replacement Gods of ours in the era of individualism.


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