Hope everyone’s enjoying the crazy wet weather. Lord knows Toronto needs it.

I’ve been making a concerted effort to follow through on my health commitments so far. It’s now almost a month and no meat. I really haven’t missed it at all. I mean, there are times when I miss the chicken. But really, that’s a small price to pay for a healthier lifestyle. I’ll admit, it is very hard to transition into a completely new way of living. But here’s the deal: I know I have to make these lifestyle changes in order to live better.

I’ve been doing a lot of reading recently about healthier personal regimens, and aside from exercising regularly (which I’ve been doing a lot more of), I’ve been enjoying the fruits of the Mediterranean diet.

In this year of Italy (incidentally, the outpouring of nationalism on Sunday after the World Cup win bloody rocked), I’m really starting to turn on to the virtues of this lifestyle approach.

Here’s what I’m gathering is important to Italians in terms of quality of life:

1) Eating quality food, not processed food. I wish it was easier for me to go to more farmer’s markets and gather fresh produce more easily. The suburbs are pretty lousy when it comes to gathering up produce collected locally. This being said, Toronto has a few places to go. Interesting how places like the St. Lawrence Market are going to grow in importance in the coming years because of this trend.

2) Getting appropriate levels of rest and exercise. Again, another North American trend. Maybe the Europeans are right on this one.

In any case, I admire this approach. I’m trying to adopt it more and more in my daily life. It’s not just food, or exercise, or too much of one particular aspect of the lifestyle: it’s a combination of all in moderation. It’s taken awhile for me to really grasp this, mostly because I was ignoring my body for too long. But, change is good.

Incidentally, as a sidebar: in 2004, the Greeks won both Euro’04 and hosted the Summer Olympics one month after their football win. This year, the Italians hosted the Winter Olympics in Turin and won World Cup ’06. Coincidence?


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