Some interesting tech news and other bits posted today.

THE DOMESDAY BOOK: Britain’s most amazing historical artifact is now available online for average folks to check out. This is a hugely important document in British history. Think of it as one of the Western world’s first real attempts at a census of sorts. It can still be used as evidence in land property disputes in England.

LIMEWIRE: Uh oh. The RIAA in the U.S. has finally gotten around to a lawsuit against LimeWire. I’m surprised this didn’t happen until now. Where, oh where, will everyone get their bootleg copies of Warren Zevon discs? Ricky Martin B-sides? Guess it’s back to mp3 blogs…

WIKIPEDIA: The New Yorker has a great piece in its recent issue on Wikipedia – the best experiment online today. Really worth your time, do check it out.

BLUE JAYS: Man. Why is it so hard to be a Toronto sports fan? Is this karma for years of unbridled success by the Jays in the late 80’s/early 90’s? How is it all four major sports franchises are such abominations of mediocrity? Will Toronto ever get a winning team, as in a championship winning team, again? Must I wait another generation? After last night’s sixth straight loss, you have to wonder, would John Gibbons run out onto the field in a fit of hysterics, frustrated at his team’s decline and yell, “help me, help me Jesus, help me Tom Cruise!!!”

JAYSON BLAIR: Of course you remember Mr. Blair – the dude who brought about one of the greatest frauds in journalistic history (Stephen Glass shares that honour with him). Here’s a very interesting interview with the guy.

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