Anybody who knows me will understand that I’m a huge Anglophile. I love Britain and everything about it. British history, culture, BBC Radio One, Radio Four, BritPop, everything about it. Maybe it’s because I grew up in a very Anglo-friendly home and used to read up on British history with almost-religious devotion (how many 14-year-olds can say they preferred reading on the nature of William the Conqueror’s invasion of England in 1066 – yes, I’m a huge nerd). I also deeply admire the BBC’s commitment to amazing quality journalism. Finally, one of the great pleasures of going online is being able to tune into Radio One and listen to a pop music radio station that’s unabashedly fun and not willing to take itself too seriously.

Today, I heard a track on Radio One that’s a bit edgier than usual. Lola’s No Strings – a pretty brazen track. It’s a bold move on Lola’s part and will probably generate some controversy in the U.K. and make her a huge star. It’s predictable pop music, but some more modest folks out there might find it a bit risque.

RELAKKS: The Pirate Party in Sweden has developed a commercial software piece that employs darknets. Darknets are anonymous corners of the internet that have no IP address listed so they can’t be traced. The software is being deployed as a secret way to share music files online in lieu of various laws that are clamping down significantly on online file-sharing.

PETER WORTHINGTON: I don’t support this column at all. I defend Worthington’s right to publish his views, but and please feel free to read it – I can’t support his views here.

MACLEAN’S SURVEY: With 11 universities in Canada pulling out of Maclean’s annual survey of schools, this has to be a significant blow to the quality of the survey. One question though: why hasn’t Queen’s pulled out yet? You’d think, after schools like the University of Toronto have pulled out, Queen’s would follow suit.

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