Two topics tonight – one a celebration of a man’s who artistic works have had a huge impact on me, the other one of the darkest photos I’ve ever seen and remains a taboo for newspapers around the world in light of the fifth anniversary of September 11th tomorrow.

– Neighbours, NFB

NORMAN MCLAREN: I got the National Film Board of Canada’s seven-disc DVD set celebrating the animated works of the NFB’s legendary animator Norman McLaren. It’s being released along with a film at the Toronto International Film Festival, and it’s amazing. I’ve been a huge, huge fan of McLaren’s works since I was a kid – his works inspired me to get involved in filmmaking and learn about film. I strongly recommend you check it out. If you do, go see the seminal works of his such as Neighbours, Begone Dull Care, Blinkity Blank and Narcissus. All incredible pieces of work, all amazing, and all extremely relevant today (especially Neighbours).

THE FALLING MAN: A CBC Newsworld documentary on the Falling Man – the horrifying photo of the man falling to his death on September 11th, 2001 – was aired this weekend and it will be aired again tomorrow night on Newsworld. This photo was only published once in newspapers the day after 9-11 and is now effectively banned from wide print distribution due to the horror of it. I’m posting it here because I think it needs to be shown, not because I’m looking for attention, but it still has the power to shock us and show us why 9-11 was such an awful, terrible day in world history.

The question remains… will we ever know for sure who he is? To this day, there are only suppositions over who this man was.


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