Now that the ’06-’07 hockey season has started, it’s time for Canadian television to be dominated once again by statistical minutiae over Goals Against Average, Goals, Assists, ah it goes on and on. Tie Domi – who was on TSN’s Hockey Preview show last night and apparently has joined the group full-time – even said the Senators looked good (apparently he’s got fondess for Ottawa above and beyond a certain someone, *nudge*). The Leafs will be lucky to make the playoffs this year, let’s be real. Of course, you could just turn on the local newscasts and see the usual throngs of “Go Leafs Go!” and the salivating masses flocking to games when the team doesn’t deserve Toronto’s support. This team is in a full-scale rebuilding effort and are finally starting to adjust to new realities of the NHL’s salary cap. So far, Ottawa’s winning. As Kent Brockman would say, “A chilling vision of things to come.”

So, without any delay, here’s some more MP3s for sampling fun times.

The Engine Room

Ah, Nip/Tuck. How can you not like this show? The neo-noir feel, the graphic surgeries, the beautiful people, the insanity of every episode, the fact it’s so addictive, I could keep going here people. But check out the show’s theme song by The Engine Room – one of the most memorable tracks from a television show in recent memory.

The Perfect Lie (Nip/Tuck Theme Song) – The Engine Room


My brother sent me this track – it’s a remix of N.W.A’s classic track Straight Outta Compton. Sweet. The mix’s a little rough and may sound like it’s not coming through correctly, but it is. Check it out.

Straight Outta Compton – N.W.A.


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